July 14, 2024

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Computer repair: we tested a virtual repairman

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Computer repair

Update that crashes, virus that slows down the system of your machine… The majority of computer problems come from software . As a result, do not waste time traveling to your place of purchase, the Fnac or Darty after-sales service only manages hardware failures. Salvation will come from a remote troubleshooting site, http://techmobileblog.com/ Once the first contact has been established (by e-mail, telephone or chat), agree on a time slot. Prior to this online meeting, the site sends you a tutorial to install TeamViewer: this software will allow a technician to take control of your device remotely and with your consent. The advantage is that you will attend live the manipulations carried out by the latter. And if it still has some time left, it will automatically optimize your PC by deleting a few “duplicate” files.

By connecting remotely to a computer, it is possible to see the screen and control the mouse. Completely secure, this software only lets the technician access your device if you give him permission.

After knowingly disabling our antivirus for a week, our computer was quickly overrun with adware. The technician managed to unearth these “malwares”, hidden in the depths of our hard disk , and he eradicated them one by one.

A price per time credit

After a free diagnosis, the site offers you to subscribe either to the “Simple problems” offer (40 € to be assisted for one hour), or to “Complex problems” (50 € for an hour and a half). You benefit from a “repaired or reimbursed” guarantee.

We liked: the efficiency, the optimization of the PC thanks to the remaining time, the speed of making appointments.

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Having to enter your password each time after putting your computer to sleep can become tedious in the long run. Rest assured, you can remove this step in order to access your Desktop more quickly.

On Windows

Right-click on the “Start” button and then on “Control Panel” . Then go to “System and Security” and, finally, to “Power Options” . Here, in the left pane, tap on “Request password ” and then on “Change settings” . Last step, select the option “Do not require a password” and click on “Save changes” to validate the set.

On Apple

The handling is slightly different if you have a MacBook. Click on the apple in the top left and select ” System Preferences “. In “System Preferences” , click on ” Security & Privacy “. Then go to the ” General ” tab and uncheck the ” Require password ” option . That’s it !

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