April 25, 2024

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Can Background Removal Actually Improve Your Clicks and Conversions?

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Photography influences whether people will buy your products or services. If you use high-quality, clear, and fresh images for your products, you will most likely attract more attention from prospective customers. Images are the very first impression that customers have of your business. So, if you are an online seller, the quality of your images will directly impact customer decisions.

There are instances when you must place your product against different backgrounds in product photography. It may not be feasible to spend time and money on a professional photoshoot each time. But here is the thing – you can go for background removal services. It can prove beneficial for your business to attract far more potential customers.

It does not matter if you are selling to third-party sites like Amazon, Flipkart, or eBay or if you have your own website, excellent product photos work everywhere. Using photo background removal services also increases click-through rates, boosts conversions, and enhances your brand’s image.

Why is background important in product photography?

There are plenty of reasons why customers are attracted to the products having clean backgrounds. Images having a clean background cut the clutter and put the focus on the product while removing any distractions. If you want to make your products look more focused and elegant, you should opt for white or black background. These colors lend authenticity to your products and create a sense of spaciousness. Since customers can often relate to these backgrounds, they are naturally drawn to the products set against black or white backgrounds.

Besides, when customers are influenced by your product’s images, they are more likely to explore your brand, resulting in increased leads, conversions, and ultimately, sales.

Popular photo background removal techniques you should know about

With so many tools and techniques available for photo editing services, you might have some trouble deciding where to begin. We have listed below some of the often-used methods that can give astounding results if used properly.

1. Image clipping path

This is the ideal technique to employ if your image has clear edges. In Photoshop, you get to use the Pen tool to trace the clipping path around the subject. You can also zoom in for a clearer view of the outlines. It is vital to ensure that your subject is within the path since the elements outside of the path will get clipped out.

2. Image cut-out

As the name suggests, this method involves eliminating the subject to remove the background. You can further add a white image or branding image to enhance the look of the products.

3. Image masking

Image masking can be used when the subject has fur, frill, or fine edges that are difficult to clip. These are the situations where you can use various image masking techniques like channel masking, transparency masking, complex layer masking, or collage masking.

4. Removing the background

As the easiest technique, background removal is ideal for even novice users. You can use the background eraser tool in Photoshop to erase the background pixels. However, the tool only helps in removing plain backgrounds and is not suitable for images with complex backgrounds. Removing complex backgrounds necessitates professional background removal services, which can help create stunning images.

How can clean images improve conversions?

Images with a clear background can improve your conversion rate. Improving conversion rate is all about creating an excellent user experience. Check these four tips to improve conversions using clean images:

1. Choose a quality image

The first thing is to use images that are of high quality so that, when you upload these images on the websites, their pixels are not distorted. The quality of the image plays a major role in enhancing your brand’s value and online reputation.

2. Add multiple and detailed images

It would help to use more images of the same product. The more the photos, the better it is for your product. You can add a 360-degree view or multiple action shots to showcase your products in greater detail and help customers make informed decisions.

3. Use focus-centric images

The images must have a subject with a focus. This way, the visitors to your website and product pages will recognize the main product you are showcasing.

4. Use clean and sleek images

Clean and sleek images drive more attention than those with noise in the background. It is crucial for eCommerce businesses to grab attention. There are plenty of companies selling the same products or services; high-quality, clean images are an excellent way to stand apart from the competition.

To Conclude

Background removal enhances the look of your product photos and enables you to view how your products would look against different backgrounds. Images having clearer backgrounds have a higher chance of increased conversion and sales. Your eCommerce business is your online store that is open 24*7. You need to keep it updated with high-quality images so that more and more customers visit your website and help in conversions.

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