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How to Turn Off Glance in Mi: We’re Sure You Don’t Wanna Be Outdated!

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Glance Smart Lock Screen in Mi Smartphone

In an era where information is the new currency, it’s more important than ever to tailor our digital experiences to our preferences and needs. For most of us, smartphones are an extension of our persona, and customisation is a crucial part of this symbiosis. With this in mind, we will focus on a feature creating quite a buzz among Xiaomi (Mi) users in India – Glance, a personalised content service. While it comes with its perks, not everyone finds it convenient. Some users prefer to have a clean, distraction-free environment on their devices. You’ve landed on the right page if you’re one of them.

This guide will take you through a comprehensive and easy-to-follow process to turn off Glance on your Mi device, along with underlining different points why you should not be turning it off at all. So, stick with us and make sure you’re not left behind in this fast-paced digital world!

What is Glance in Mi?

At the heart of the Xiaomi (Mi) user experience is a remarkable feature known as Glance. This intelligent lock screen service strives to enrich your interaction with your smartphone, transforming it into a canvas of relevant and engaging content, ranging from sports and music to fashion and news updates. It breathes life into what would otherwise be an ordinary, inactive phone surface, offering a blend of aesthetics and information at your fingertips.

Since its inception, Glance has resonated with the masses, boasting a daily reach of more than 230 million users. This innovative service has significantly impacted the smartphone industry, marking a milestone in its evolution.

This article will delve deeper into understanding what Glance truly is, its importance, and potential benefits to your smartphone experience. We will also explore why opting out of this feature could lag you in today’s fast-paced, information-driven world. So, prepare to unlock a fresh perspective on your Mi phone’s lock screen and get ready to make the most out of your digital life with Glance.

How does Glance work in Mi?

The Glance feature in Mi, Realme, and POCO phones elevates the lock screen concept into a hub of insightful content and useful information. How does it do this? Each time you press the lock or power button, a curated piece of content, be it an article or infographics, is presented to you, complemented by essentials like the time, date, battery status, weather updates, and even app notifications.

As a virtual assistant, Glance works persistently to simplify your life. Its multifunctional attributes allow you to access a wide array of entertainment content without needing to unlock your screen, offering a seamless user experience that brings the world to your fingertips, one lock screen at a time.

The brilliance of Glance lies in its ability to present a condensed yet comprehensive snapshot of what’s happening around you, enhancing your digital convenience and saving you time. It empowers you to stay connected and informed, making the lock screen more than a security feature. If you’re contemplating turning it off, consider its advantages.

How Glance Changes Your Lock Screen Appearance?

Glance is more than just a feature on your Mi phone – it’s a transformative tool that revolutionises your lock screen experience. It masterfully intertwines aesthetics with utility, creating an interactive and personalised digital interface.

Let’s explore how Glance breathes life into your lock screen, reshaping its appearance and functionality:

Information at a Glance

Akin to an information hub, Glance seamlessly transform your lock screen, showcasing key details even without unlocking your Mi phone.

Time and Date Visibility

Catering to your need for constant time awareness, Glance thoughtfully integrates a display of the current time and date, allowing you to stay synchronised with just a quick glance.

Real-Time Weather Updates

Stay abreast of the weather dynamics with real-time updates elegantly showcased on your lock screen. No matter the weather, Glance ensures you are always prepared.

Battery Status Insights

Glance keeps you informed about your device’s battery level. No need to unlock your phone to check the remaining power—Glance brings it to your lock screen.

App Notification Summary

Stay updated with the most crucial app notifications. Glance presents them neatly on your lock screen, eliminating the hassle of unlocking the phone to check each one.

Quick Access to Frequently Used Apps

Glance understands your preferences and allows you to customise shortcuts to your most-used apps, enabling immediate access straight from the lock screen. The convenience you need is now just a tap away.

Glance Lock Screen Appearances

Glance and Mi Compatibility

Glance transcends its primary role as a smart lock screen feature, emerging as a faithful digital companion that curates engaging content to keep your smartphone experience exciting and enjoyable.

Let’s examine its versatility and compatibility with Mi devices in more detail:

Time-Saving Companion

Glance is the epitome of convenience. Imagine working on a strenuous project, and suddenly, your lock screen suggests “5 tips to win a salary negotiation” or recommends chic cafes for a weekend retreat. Such personalised content saves you time while offering invaluable insights and leisure options right at your fingertips.

Instant Information Updates

The essence of Glance lies in its ability to keep you informed. With it, critical details like the current time, date, weather forecast, and battery status are always within sight, eliminating the need to unlock your Mi phone.

Streamlined App Notifications

With Glance, you can be assured of staying connected. It adeptly brings important notifications from your favourite apps to the forefront, ensuring you never miss a crucial update.

Personalised Digital Aid

Glance provides the unique opportunity to tailor your lock screen to your preferences. This customisation makes it a personalised assistant, furnishing relevant and interesting information.

Enhanced Productivity

By eliminating the need to unlock your phone for updates frequently, Glance supports your focus on more essential tasks. This feature is a silent ally, minimising unnecessary distractions and paving the way for a seamless user experience.

Friendly Reminders: Courtesy Glance Smart Screen

Breaking Down 5 Myths About the Glance Lock Screen

Here are a few common myths and misconceptions about Glance busted by us:

Battery Drain

A prevalent myth is that Glance significantly drains the battery. Contrarily, Glance is a battery-efficient feature, offering a built-in battery-saver option. This allows users to fine-tune their power consumption and ensure their device’s optimal battery health.

Privacy Concerns

Some users express concerns about Glance potentially compromising privacy by displaying sensitive notifications. In reality, Glance offers users full control over which notifications are shown on the lock screen, ensuring that privacy is maintained while still harnessing the benefits of this feature.

Distraction and Productivity Loss

A common belief is that Glance could be a source of distraction, adversely impacting productivity. The truth is Glance offers a streamlined and concise summary of important notifications, enabling users to quickly grasp essential updates without getting engulfed in a sea of app notifications.

Limited Customisation

It’s often presumed that Glance provides limited customisation options. Contrary to this, most Mi devices offer many settings to personalise the lock screen, allowing users to tailor Glance according to their preferences.

Excessive Data Consumption

Another unfounded myth is that Glance consumes a large amount of data. However, this feature allows for regulating data usage, ensuring you enjoy its benefits without worrying about excessive data consumption.

In dispelling these misconceptions, we find that Glance is not only a feature-rich and customisable lock screen tool but also one that respects your privacy, battery, and data usage. It enhances rather than impedes your smartphone experience.

How to Turn Off Glance on Mi Phone’s Lock Screen?

We have underlined various features and reasons based on which you understood the advantages of having Glance in your Mi phone. However, despite all the points, if you still wish to turn it off, here is a stepwise guide:

Step 1 of how to turn off Glance on Mi: Opening the Settings App

Start by opening the ‘Settings’ app on your Mi phone. This is usually represented by a gear icon on your home screen or in your app drawer. Scroll down until you find the option that says “Lock screen & password” or something similar. Tap on it to access the lock screen settings.

Step of how to turn off Glance on Mi: Opening the Settings App

Step 2 of how to turn off Glance on Mi: Accessing Glance Settings

Look for the “Glance in Mi” or “Lock screen widgets” in the new list of options. Once you find it, tap on it to access the settings related to Glance. Within the Glance settings, you should see a toggle switch or an option to remove Glance from your lock screen widgets list. This option may vary depending on your specific Mi phone model.

Step 2 of how to turn off Glance on Mi: Accessing Glance Settings.

Step 3 of how to turn off Glance on Mi: Turning Off Glance

To deactivate Glance, you will need to toggle the switch to the off position or tap the option to remove Glance. This action will initiate the process of turning off Glance. In some cases, you may be prompted to confirm your action. If so, go ahead and confirm your desire to turn off Glance.Once you’ve confirmed your action, Glance will be turned off on your Mi phone’s lock screen. You can exit the settings, knowing your lock screen will no longer display Glance content.

Remember, you can always reverse this process if you decide to re-enable Glance in the future.

Step 3 of how to turn off Glance on Mi: Turning Off Glance.

5 Benefits of Having Glance in Mi Phone Lock Screen

Glance brings many advantages to your Mi phone’s lock screen, transforming it into an efficient, personalised, and distraction-free interface. Here are five key benefits of leveraging this smart feature:


Glance is a time-saver. It offers instant access to key details like time, date, and notifications without fully unlocking your Mi phone. This quick accessibility eliminates the need to sift through multiple screens, saving valuable time.

Continuous Information Updates

Glance keeps you in the loop with real-time updates. Be it weather conditions, battery status, or crucial app notifications, everything is readily available on your lock screen. This ensures you stay abreast of essential information without making any extra effort.

Customisation and Personalisation

Glance provides ample room for personalisation. From customised widgets and shortcuts to distinctive backgrounds, you can create a lock screen that mirrors your style and preferences. This tailoring enhances visual appeal and contributes to a user-friendly experience.

Staying Connected and Productive

Glance is your ally in maintaining connectivity. Bringing social media updates, messages, and alerts right to your lock screen enables swift responses. This instant access boosts productivity and ensures you never miss an important update.

Minimised Distractions

Glance facilitates a focused lock screen experience. It empowers you to access crucial information without the distraction of excessive notifications or the need to unlock your phone fully. This promotes a streamlined user experience and helps keep distractions at bay.

Wrapping Up on How to Turn Off Glance in Mi

The Glance feature on Mi phones revolutionises the lock screen experience, providing myriad benefits that transform how users interact with their devices. Offering time efficiency, Glance instantly displays crucial information such as time, date, and notifications, eliminating the need for complete phone access. It ensures users stay updated with real-time details like weather conditions and battery status, all from the convenience of the lock screen. Beyond just information, Glance allows users to personalise their lock screens with customised widgets and backgrounds, reflecting individual styles and preferences.

It’s a useful tool for staying connected, displaying social media updates and alerts for quick response, thus enhancing productivity. Finally, displaying essential information at a glance minimises distractions and promotes a streamlined and focused lock screen experience. Glance isn’t merely a feature but a smart companion offering an enriched, efficient, and personalised smartphone experience.


Q1. Can I play free online games in Glance?

Yes, you can play online live games in Glance smart lock screen without downloading any of them. It comes cost-free, and Glance has 500 plus games stored for gamers only. So enjoy your game with Glance.

Q2. How much space does this application need to get downloaded?

Glance is not an application,  it’s an inbuilt or pre-installed function in Mi phones. That offers a wide range of content you can customise per your preferences.

Q3. In which phones is Glance available?

Glance smart lock screen is available in Reakme, Mi, Samsung, and Poco. It will come inbuilt into other phones soon. You can turn on your Mi phone’s Glance smart lock screen and customise your content.

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