June 22, 2024

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Matt Davies Stockton Provides Tips to Enhance the Productivity While Using an Online Scheduling Tool

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Online Scheduling Tool


According to Matt Davies Stockton, most people do a significant percentage of their daily activities online. From ordering groceries to filing taxes, everything is done from your phone or computer. That’s why you should consider an online scheduling tool for that task/ let’s check out how you can enhance productivity while using such tools.

Tips & Tricks

1. Better use of time buffer – The time buffer here is the minimum amount of time before a meeting. You can choose to have an appointment scheduled within that buffer. However, that doesn’t mean you need to book an open slot that starts in just five minutes. In that case, you won’t be able to deliver your prospects and clients the value you need to get or retain their business. That’s where an online scheduling tool can help.

You need to decide on the time buffer that’s sufficient for you. It may be half an hour, an hour, or more. Once you have the tie buffer in mind, configure the online scheduling tool so that no appointments can be booked unless the chosen time buffer is available between two meetings. This saves you a lot of stress and keeps your scheduling process smooth and functional.

2. Check and update – Your priorities are always shifting in the real world. Appointments are canceled, things pop up, priorities change, and you need to stay on top of all that. However, doing so can be difficult when you need to adjust to waste time manually adjusting your schedule for those changes. An online scheduling tool can help eliminate a lot of manual work. Those tools can check your calendar every day and alert you about them for feedback on any necessary changes. That way, you spend the least amount of time adjusting to them.

3. Adjust meeting lengths – Your online scheduling tool should enable you to specify the length of each type of meeting. For instance, you could offer 15-minute slots for quick check-ins and hour-long slots for meetings with product demos. That way, choosing time slots becomes easier and reduces cases where you may have freed up an hour of your time for 10-minute video calls. Online scheduling tools help to preserve the value of your time.

4. Share calendar links – Online scheduling tools also provide you with a unique link so that other people may access your calendar. You can pin that link to your social media or website, add it to your email signature, or post it on other channels so that people can schedule an appointment with you at the right time. Most bookings happen outside of business hours. With these links, your clients and prospects can book an appointment 24/7.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you consider an online scheduling tool to increase your own productivity and enhance efficiency in everyday life. As you free up time on manual scheduling, you can spend that on higher-value tasks and also keep a log of everything in one place.

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