June 22, 2024

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The 4 key steps to a successful website design

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Convinced of the importance of digital for your business, you plan to embark on the creation of a website . With an online presence, you hope to be visible to everyone and attract tons of customers. I understand you, it’s completely normal.

But do you know that more than half of the sites will never achieve their goals?

To avoid at all costs to reach this extreme, we accompany our customers from A to Z in the realization of their site. Thus, for each project to be a real success, we follow a well-established methodology that we immediately suggest you discover.

1 – The customer brief

An essential step in a website design project, the discovery brief has multiple interests both for you and for our agency.

Indeed, it allows us to understand your business, know the reason for your digitization, discover your expectations, be informed of your possible constraints, define the type of support… but also to explain to you the stages of our collaboration.

2 – Preparation

Defining your ideal customers

We will identify the targets you want to reach with your website.

Are you addressing professionals or individuals, women and/or men, Internet users with a specific age group, a specific geographical area, etc.?

Determining your buyer personas is an essential step to allow us to design the tree structure, imagine the design, list the types of relevant content to produce, plan communication actions… according to each profile.

In order to know the specificities of your sector, we will carry out a market study.

Then place the analysis of your main competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to build on their strengths and avoid repeating their mistakes.

During this audit, we look at the positioning of your competitors, their traffic, their keywords, their digital strategy and the graphic design of their site…

Thanks to our reflection work and our internal tools, we will list key words and expressions that yur targets may have to formulate on Google to find you. Learn more tips for finding the right keywords for your site .

This audit of your lexical field will allow us to create a perfect tree structure, to list relevant content that you can write to reach your targets and to put in place a real SEO strategy in the event that you have a visibility objective.

3 – The creation of the website

Our design experts create it according to your values ​​while offering a pleasant browsing experience to your visitors and adding a strong graphic style to distinguish themselves from your competitors.

Yes ! So in this case, we can support their optimization or advise you in this mission.

No ! We can write your sales pages and even plan the creation of blog articles or guides.

It is important to take into account the referencing dimension of a website before its creation. Therefore, in addition to content, images and SEO tags will be optimized.

Following the validation of the design, our web professionals carry out the integration of the models then move on to the development phase of your site.

4 – Monitoring and support

After designing your website, our mission does not stop there. For all customers who wish, we are continuing our collaboration. By implementing various actions, our agency supports you in achieving your objectives: improving your visibility on Google, generating qualified traffic on your site, boosting your sales and/or building customer loyalty.

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